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Payless Tribal Mark Removal

How To Get Rid Of Tribal Marks On  faceI
I had the opportunity to interview a seasoned expert in the field of Dermatologic Surgeon on various issues concerning skin problems,especially facial marks.He was glad to answer most of my questions and he is still very much in the house.

It is my believe that you as a regular visitor to my blog will derive immense benefit from the answers he provided.Please join the members of this site so that you will receive regular updates as they are available.Here we go:

Q.I have had facial marks all my life. I have 6 on the right side of my cheek and 6 on the left,although they are sometimes fade when I take pictures.But I will still like to get read of them.Is this possible?

A.Yes.The best way to get rid of tribal marks on the skin will depend on if the mark (scar) is raised, as in a keloid or depressed. Your tribal marks look like depressed scars, though I cannot tell from the picture how deep and how long they are.

Your best treatment option would be a laser resurfacing treatment like the TotalFX CO2 fractional resurfacing treatment. It combines DeepFX for collagen stimulation and smoothing out wrinkles and deep scars as well as ActiveFX for correction of textural and pigmentary changes.
Depending on the depth of your scars, you would need multiple treatments.

Tribal marks are usually made with various pigments placed into the dermis. The best option for removal is a q-switched laser. Caution will have to be used with your skin type so as to not cause hypopigmentation. I hope this information helps.

Q.I have heard of Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing.Can you explain this?

A.Our skin changes over time, losing its youthful look and giving way to brown spots, wrinkles and laxity. In recent years there has been a growing number of aesthetic procedures available to treat the skin. ActiveFX - the result of the latest advances in laser technology - is a new procedure that yields remarkable, long lasting results with just one treatment. A fast, office-based procedure with minimal patient downtime, ActiveFX is your single-treatment solution for beautiful, younger-looking skin.
ActiveFX is a fractional laser treatment for dyschromia, fine lines, and acne scarring that yields r
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“Great Result Scar Revision - Orange County, CA”
Chris9633 Posted 23 Mar 2012
spent $1,000 in Orange County, Ca
·         Before right groin scar revision
·         2 weeks after

Got an excellent result from Dr. Abdulsalaam after another surgeon made these same scars look terrible.

My Doctor: Abdulsalaam, MD
My rating:
Dr. Abdulsalaam is a nice guy and excellent surgeon. He really takes the time to explain what he is doing and is not arrogant like some doctors. He will also be honest about results/expectations and not try to sell surgeries that won't help you. Dr. Di Saia's assistant Lisa is also very helpful in making sure things work with your schedule and very prompt about returning calls.

The facial mark removal really work so much by removing the marks from the face . The laser skin resurfacing also help in removing the spots marks from the cheek and also reduce the wrinkle and tighten the skin.Spa Facials in bnatural whether you are experiencing a facial for the first time and need to determine your skin type or you receive treatments regularly, the Classic Facial is sure to rejuvenate you, give you a glow and beautify your skin. The Classic Facial is the essential building base to beautify your skin. First, skin nourishing, muscle- soothing, tension- dissolving creams are massaged onto your face, neck and shoulders.

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